My name is David and I would like to be your personal New York City tour guide and photographer. I have spent the last years voratiously exploring the famous, and the less well known corners of this wonderful, incredible, often times surprising city that I call home. I would love the chance to show you all the cool and exciting things I have found. At the same time, I am an exceptional photographer who would love to record your New York City vacation for you. Whether you are a great photographer who would just like to be in your family photos, or you are always just missing that perfect shot, I can help.

I was forced to love New York from afar for five years before I was able to move here. This gave me ample time to search every web site, read every tour book I could get my hands on, and otherwise meticulously plan walking tours of this magical city. I knew all the things I wanted to see before I even stepped foot in the state. If you are like me, I can customize your tour to include any sights you may wish to see. It might be an extra subway ride, but I can get you there.